Our History

We have been operating since August 2004. A lot of people have contributed to the successful setup and operation of the CTC. The timeline below lists some (by initials with names at the bottom) but not all of them.
Dates Activity
  Mar Nabiac Chamber of Commerce & Tourism forms CTC subcommittee (PS, GW, BG)
  Jun Formulation of Nabiac Community Survey re feasibility of CTC (GW, BG)
  Oct Presentation of survey results to CTC@NSW head office (GW, BG)
  Nov 8 Submitted "Application For Seed Funding For A Community Technology Centre"
  Dec Application rejected
  Mar Submitted revised application
  Aug Notified that application was successful
  Sep Steering Committee formed (GW, BG, JW, SP, GC, TG, MP, PL, KJ)
  Jan First grant payment received, $22 thousand
  Mar Second grant payment received, $92 thousand
  Apr-Jun Building renovation work: remove wall, paint, install security doors & screen, air-conditioner, carpets, LAN wiring, cleaning (TG, PL, SP, JW, BW, BJ)
  June CTC AT NABIAC INC incorporated, and ABN/GST/PAYG registered
  June Equipment purchased and installed: 13 PCs, photocopier, 2 colour printers, scanner, data projector, 9 desks, 15 chairs, 2 whiteboards (TG, OH, PL)
  Aug 2 CTC@NABIC opens to public in Neighbourhood Centre
  Aug 8 Deposited first money earned in bank
  Aug 14 Wootton Outreach opens to public in Brush Turkey, Wootton (TG, WC)
  Oct 26 Third grant payment, $32 thousand
  Dec Purchase 2 coin-operated PCs for Doranwoods Cafe (now the Nabiac Cafe) (GE)
  Dec Change 2 Wootton PCs to coin-operated (TG)
  Jan Install coin-operated PCs in cafe connected to CTC via wireless link (TG)
  Jan 18 Bank first takings from cafe
  Jan 25 The Nabiac CTC was officially opened by the Hon John Della Bosca, the NSW Minister for Commerce, and Mr Bob Baldwin MP. (MP, CC)
  Jun 30 Fourth grant payment, $14 thousand
  Jan Set up Access@NSW - free access to NSW Govt website
  May 24 Grant audit completed
  Oct 24 Final grant payment, $12 thousand

BG - Bruce Glimmerveen; BJ - Bill Jones; BW - Bill Wood; CC - Cecilia Craddock; GC - Geraldine Carson; GE - Greg Ebeling; GW - Garry Williams; JW - Jillian Wood; KJ - Kim Jones; MP - Marie Power; OH - Oliver Hoffmann; PL - Peter Loveday; PS - Paul Shaw; SP - Sheila Perrottet; TG - Tim Gething; WC - Wayne Cooper